Full Stack iOS Engineer who likes mobile and the server. I'm very experienced with iOS development using Swift, having made multiple apps over the span of more than a decade. I'm experienced TypeScript (Node.js) and Python for scripting, hacking and making webservers.

In my spare time, I like to participate in web security research, with my main target being the Apple Security Bounty. I've recieved multiple payouts for finding XSS and server issues since the program began. Following Swift Evolution is also very interesting; I'd love to use the language on the server "properly" soon. I'm also looking forward to working more with Rust in the future, having been following the language for several years and using it for hobby projects. For any new "serious" projects, I'd strongly consider Rust.

I built this site to showcase my projects and occasionally blog. If you like, you can also get in contact with me.